Behaviour Toxicology

The new fields of activity material medical and activity embryology investigate the result of specific hepatotoxic exposures in humans and animals on learning, memory, and activity characteristics. 3 vital categories of activity neurotoxicants are metals, solvents, and pesticides. The clearest knowledge on the hurtful effects of antenatal exposure to toxicants comes from the study of 2 metals, lead and mercury, and from epidemiologic investigations of the results of alcohol taken throughout maternity. The less complete knowledge is on the market for 2 alternative teams of agents, solvents and pesticides. What we tend to do to realize their effects on the vertebrate brain is convincing enough to form U.S.A. demand caution in their distribution.

  • Insomia.
  • sedation.
  • Impaired Pyschomotor activity.

Related Conference of Behaviour Toxicology

February 13-14, 2024

25th European Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

Barcelona, Spain

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